Protist: Amoeba Structure, Asexual Reproduction, & other Life Processes

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Dive into protists via Amoeba! This resource explores asexual reproduction, nutrition, and other life processes of amoeba. Teaching life processes of protists? Check out this resource on Amoeba—it’s perfect for introducing protists to your students!


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What is included?


Introduction to Amoeba: An overview of this protist, serving as an excellent introduction to the world of protists.


Structure of Amoeba: Detailed exploration of Amoeba’s structure, enabling students to understand its intricate biological makeup.


Life Processes of Amoeba: A deep dive into essential life processes, including:

  • Asexual Reproduction: Understand binary fission and multiple fission/sporulation, unraveling the mysteries of Amoeba’s reproductive methods.
  • Mode of Nutrition (Holozoic – Phagocytosis): Explore how Amoeba feeds through this fascinating process.
  • Movement, Excretion & Osmoregulation: Comprehensive insights into these vital functions.
  • Respiration and Sensitivity/Response: Understand how Amoeba breathes and responds to its environment.


Assessment Tools: 10 multiple-choice questions available in print, Google Slides, and self-grading Google Forms to evaluate and reinforce students’ understanding of Amoeba’s structure and life processes.


Answer Keys: Readily available answer keys to ensure accuracy and ease in assessing your students’ progress.


With this protist resource, you can enhance your classroom experience and engage your students. Purchase this resource today to gain access to an engaging educational tool that will captivate and educate your students about the wonders of Amoeba!



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