Protists: Paramecium & Euglena Structures & Life Processes

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Dive into the world of protists, specifically Paramecium and Euglena! Explore their structures and life processes with this comprehensive printable and digital resource tailored for teachers looking for materials to introduce or review with their students the structure and life processes of protists (Paramecium and Euglena).

You can check your students’ understanding of these protists (Paramecium and Euglena) with the multiple-choice questions included in this product.


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What is included?


  • Introduction to Paramecium and Euglena
  • Detailed exploration of their structures
  • Insights into life processes, including Sexual and Asexual Reproduction (Transverse and Longitudinal Binary Fission), Mode of Nutrition (Heterotrophic, Mixotrophic), Movement, Excretion, Respiration, and Sensitivity/Response
  • Highlighting Euglena’s plant-like and animal-like characteristics
  • 10 multiple-choice questions (Printable, Google Slides, editable, self-grading Google Forms) for assessment
  • Answer keys for easy grading


Enhance your classroom experience and assess student understanding. Purchase this resource to captivate and educate your students about Protists!



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