4 Digit by 2 Digit Area Model Division for Grade 5 Worksheets

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This area model division for grade 5 product contains 4 digit by 2 digit area model division with remainders and area model division without remainders worksheets. Do you need area model division worksheets to check your students’ understanding of dividing multi-digit whole numbers using the area model for division method? Use these worksheets for area model division practice to help your students better understand how to do area model division by solving more area model division problems.

The worksheets can be used for morning work, homework, warm-ups, and more.


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What is included?


This product consists of 2 printable versions.

  • 12 worksheets with 5.NBT.B.6 standard listed
  • 12 worksheets without the standard listed


The worksheets are differentiated with 2 levels.

  • Level 1 (L1), has numbers 10 – 49 as divisors
  • Level 2 (L2), has numbers 50 – 99 as divisors


There are 2 sets of worksheets.


Set A: Multiple Choice Questions – Circle your answer (A, B, C, or D)

  • Set A1L1: Division Without Remainders
  • Set A2L1: Division With Remainders
  • Set A3L1: All Put Together
  • Set A1L2: Division Without Remainders
  • Set A2L2: Division With Remainders
  • Set A3L2: All Put Together


Set B: Open-Ended Questions – Show your workings

  • Set B1L1: Division Without Remainders
  • Set B2L1: Division With Remainders
  • Set B3L1: All Put Together
  • Set B1L2: Division Without Remainders
  • Set B2L2: Division With Remainders
  • Set B3L2: All Put Together


Answer Keys and Data Tracker included




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