Mosses (nonvascular plants) & Ferns (vascular plants) – Structure & Life Process

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Are you looking for resources to introduce vascular plants (ferns) and nonvascular plants (mosses) to your students? Then this product is perfect for you. By using this product, your students will be able to list some characteristics of mosses and ferns, come up with differences between mosses and ferns, state some similarities between mosses and ferns, explain the life processes of mosses and ferns, and more.


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What is included?


This is a print and digital resource of mosses and ferns and includes:

  • a brief introduction to mosses and ferns,
  • the structure of mosses and ferns,
  • nutrition of mosses and ferns,
  • asexual reproduction of mosses and ferns,
  • the life cycle of mosses and ferns (Alternation of Generation).


This resource also includes 12 multiple-choice questions (print, Google slides, editable & self-grading Google forms) to check your students’ understanding of mosses and ferns.


Answer keys included.


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