Measurement Word Problems Worksheets – Liquid Volumes

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Practice measurement conversion word problems involving capacity or liquid volumes with these multi-step and one-step measurement word problems worksheets. These printable capacity/liquid volumes measurement word problem worksheets can be used for morning work, homework, warm-ups, and more.


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What is included?


This product consists of 2 printable versions.

  • 6 worksheets with 4.MD.A.2 standard listed
  • 6 worksheets without the standard listed


There are 2 sets of worksheets.

  • Set A: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Set B: Open-Ended Questions


Set A: Choose the correct answer (A, B, C, or D)

  • 3 Worksheets – Set A1, Set A2, Set A3
  • 24 Word Problems – 8 problems per worksheet


Set B: Solve the word problems – Show your workings

  • 3 Worksheets – Set B1, Set B2, Set B3
  • 18 Word Problems – 6 problems per worksheet


Also included:

  • Answer Keys to save time and to make grading easier.
  • Measurement Conversion Chart to assist you and your students.
  • Data Tracker to monitor your students’ progress.






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