4th Grade Common Core Math Worksheets

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These 4th grade common core math worksheets cover all 4th grade common core math standards. The worksheets can be used for 4th grade common core math assessments or 4th grade common core math standards review to quickly check students’ understanding of specific common core math standards throughout the year. They can be used for morning work, homework, and more.

If you teach 3rd grade, you can use these worksheets to provide more advanced learning for your students.

If you teach 5th grade, you can use these worksheets at the start of each 5th grade common core math standard to assess where your students are with the previous year’s standards.

This product is 100% editable in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can edit the questions to fit the needs of your students.


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This 4th Grade Common Core Math product contains 44 worksheets with 350+ questions divided into 5 sections.

Here is a list of the sections, titles for all the worksheets, and the standards covered:


  1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Multiplicative Comparisons (4.OA.A.1)
  • Word Problems with Multiplicative Comparisons (4.OA.A.2)
  • Multi-step Word Problems with Whole Numbers (4.OA.A.3)
  • Factors, Factor Pairs, and Multiples (4.OA.B.4)
  • Prime and Composite Numbers (4.OA.B.4)
  • Patterns (4.OA.C.5)


  1. Number and Operations: Base Ten

  • Place Value (4.NBT.A.1)
  • Place Value Relationships (4.NBT.A.1)
  • Numerals, Word Form, and Expanded Form (4.NBT.A.2)
  • Comparing Two Multi-Digit Numbers (4.NBT.A.2)
  • Rounding Multi-Digit Numbers (4.NBT.A.3)
  • Addition and Subtraction of Multi-Digit Numbers (4.NBT.B.4)
  • Multiplication of Multi-Digit Numbers by 1-Digit (4.NBT.B.5)
  • Multiplication of two 2-Digit Numbers (4.NBT.B.5)
  • Division (4.NBT.B.6)


  1. Number and Operations: Fractions

  • Equivalent Fractions (4.NF.A.1)
  • Comparing Fractions (4.NF.A.2)
  • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions (4.NF.B.3)
  • Decomposing Fractions and Mixed Numbers (4.NF.B.3)
  • Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers (4.NF.B.3)
  • Multiplication of Fractions by Whole Numbers (4.NF.B.4)
  • Fractions with Denominators of 10 and 100 (4.NF.C.5)
  • Relating Fractions and Decimals (4.NF.C.6)
  • Comparing Decimals (4.NF.C.7)


  1. Measurement and Data

  • Measurement Conversions (4.MD.A.1)
  • Measurement Word Problems (4.MD.A.2)
  • Area and Perimeter (4.MD.A.3)
  • Line Plots (4.MD.B.4)
  • Understanding Angles (4.MD.C.5)
  • Measuring and Sketching Angles (4.MD.C.6)
  • Finding Unknown Angles (4.MD.C.7)


  1. Geometry

  • Points, Lines, Line Segments, and Rays (4.G.A.1)
  • Angles (right, acute, obtuse) (4.G.A.1)
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines (4.G.A.1)
  • Quadrilaterals and Triangles (4.G.A.2)
  • Line of Symmetry (4.G.A.3)


Answer Keys for all worksheets are included.

Google Slides versions are also included.


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